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All European vignettes

The easiest way to buy e-vignettes for Austria, Slovenia, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania.


The most important things

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    Registration with road authorities

    We process your vignettes with the road authorities of European countries. Data about your vehicle enters the system within a few minutes after payment.

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    Simple purchase in minutes

    The vignette comes in the email immediately after payment.

    You only need to provide the most necessary data for registration.

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    Secure payment in the usual way

    For your security we use the most secure payment systems.

    Use the usual payment methods: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard, Visa, etc.

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    Fast and high-quality support service

    • Assistance at every step 24/7

    • 10+ languages (English, German, Slovenian, etc.)

    • Any channel of communication (email, messengers, chat)

What is e-vignette?

E-vignette is a modern way to pay the toll for vehicles with a maximum permissible mass up to 3500 kg. The main characteristics of the e-vignette are almost no different from the classic vignette in the form of a sticker.

E-vignette is tied to the vehicle's licence plate number and entitles you to use most of the country's motorways during the validity period, regardless of the distance travelled.

Vehicles without a valid vignette cannot enter a toll road and can be fined. If the registration number in the e-vignette system does not match the license plate of a vehicle traveling on a freeway or expressway, the toll is not considered paid.

Cost of vignettes

Cost depends on country, type of vehicle and period of validity

Frequently asked questions

  • Where do I need a vignette?

    Before using the highways of Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria or Romania you must buy a vignette. Vehicles without a valid vignette cannot enter the toll road. With our service you can buy all vignettes for all types of vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tons.

  • When does the electronic vignette take effect?

    Within 5 minutes after payment, the vignette will be registered in all official systems, activated and sent to your email.

  • How can I pay?

    We use Stripe to accept payments. The easiest way to pay is through Apple Pay or Google Pay. We do not store your payment information or card details.

  • If I bought a vignette, can I change my license plate number or other data?

    No, once you register a vignette in the system, you can no longer change the vehicle number, start date or vignette type. Be careful when filling in the data.

  • If I was driving on the highway but forgot to buy a vignette, can I buy one for a previous date?

    No, a vignette must be purchased before using the road. Otherwise you are likely to get a fine.

  • What fines are provided for the absence of a vignette?

    The toll road operator controls the e-vignette use via cameras on the motorway network, at control points, and by using toll control vehicles. Using motorways and expressways without a valid e-vignette is a violation of the Road Tolling Act and is penalised with a fine of up to 500 euros, depending on the country.

Vignettes PRO is an intermediary and makes the registration of the ordered electronic vignettes to the desired countries on your behalf from the issuer of these countries. Vignettes PRO charges an intermediary fee to provide this service.